Backyard Camp is a free daily email newsletter for parents and caregivers who would like help programming their child’s activities all summer long. Unlike the various blogs that list many ideas for parents, Backyard Camp’s uniqueness is in the specificity and detail of its programming. Our newsletter is personalized to the needs of each family’s circumstances, meaning the content received will be tailored for factors like the child’s age, activity preferences (e.g. crafts, sports), number of children and if they’re living in a house or building.

The content is provided by a range of contributors, from teachers to experienced camp counsellors. We’ve also partnered with existing programs, to share their expertise with the broader community and contribute to making the best of a challenging situation for many parents.

The team running Backyard Camp is all volunteer based:

Mark Silver - Co-Founder
Erin Elfassy - Co-Founder & Spokesperson
Perry Schwartz - Partnerships & Communications
Francine Schwartz - Programming
Rebecca Dankevy - Programming
Kim Bernbaum - Programming
Dayton Pereira - User Experience & Design
Lisa Silver - Social Community Engagement
Joseph Ciraco - Marketing & Community Outreach

Programming Philosophy

Our programming team has put together hundreds of activities that we know kids from kindergarten to grade 8 will love. Over the course of the summer, kids can look forward to classic camp activities as well as unique crafts and games designed for in-home or backyard fun. These suggested activities will also feature specialty programming ranging from crafts and dance to sports and video games. What you receive in your daily email all depends on your child’s age and the themes you're interested in.

Every Thursday you will receive an email with a look at the activities planned for the upcoming week. The email will also include links to a shopping list of materials needed to participate in the planned activities. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to purchase these items in advance to ensure kids have everything they need to enjoy the scheduled activities over the following week. Between the grocery store and the dollar store, you won't have much trouble finding any suggested materials.

Every weekday morning you’ll receive a list with the day’s activities for your child including activities inspired by the theme you chose such as dance, sports, nature or crafts. 

It’s that simple!

Backyard Camp Challenge

As we continue to plan for the summer, we would love to hear from you. Let the Backyard Camp Community know about your own favourite activities to do with your kids. Use hashtag #BYCChallenge on Facebook or Instagram to share your activity ideas. When you do, just tag our account @backyardcampca so we'll see the post and can re-share, recognize and thank you.

You can also submit your ideas to be added to our programming database.