Backyard Camp Launches Esports Experience for Families 

Given the challenges our children have faced over the past few months with social distancing and isolation, we felt it was important to create a safe and fun forum for kids who enjoy playing video games. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Backyard Camp Esports League powered by Mission Control.

Creating a Backyard Camp community esports league is an extension of our commitment to parents, to provide them with helpful tools, content and activities to keep kids engaged and busy over the summer. 35% of Backyard Camp parents have told us that their kids would be interested in video game activities. That number increases to 47% for kids between the ages of 9 and 13. 

While there is some negative bias that exists around gaming, parenting expert Alyson Schafer’s advice is “there’s a lot of strategy and problem solving, and great things that can go on in gaming. For kids that are socially isolating, a lot of the games today are super social.” 

Typically, when people think of esports, they think of huge stages in arenas, ultra competitive environments, and loud crowds, but the Backyard Camp version is a light-hearted, friendly, and an enjoyable environment where children can come together and compete with their parents closely monitoring their progress, which is where Mission Control comes in.

Mission Control is the selected platform for the Backyard Camp Esports League. The platform creates digitally organized social experiences that drive connection through shared passions and playful competition. Think of them as an esports house league organization that brings players of all levels and backgrounds together to gather and build esports communities.

For children to participate in the esports league, parents will need to download the Mission Control mobile app and join the Backyard Camp Esports League. Starting with Fortnite on July 6th, the league will run competitions all summer long, with winners receiving an exclusive virtual meet and greet with professional gamers from OverActive Media professional esports teams.

There is a small cost of $10 US dollars for families to join each of our leagues with all net proceeds going to support Kids Help Phone.

Download the Mission Control app to join the league today! The first week of competition starts July 6th!

How to register

  1. Parents must first download the Mission Control app
  2. Parents need to create a Mission Control account
  3. Join the Backyard Camp Fortnite League, either the casual or competition division, which costs $10 US dollars with proceeds going to Kids Help Phone

How to play

  1. Mission Control will automatically schedule matches for you child to play against other Backyard Camp families starting the week of July 6th
  2. Your child will play 3 opponents during the first week season and automatically qualify for the playoffs, either to win the league or in the consolation round
  3. Every game day, your child will play 3+ games of Fortnite Battle Royale which can be in Solos, Duos, Trios or Squads
  4. Parents are to take photos of your child's 3 best games and submit those in the Mission Control app within 24 hours of your child's match time
  5. A score will be calculated based on your child's placement and the number of eliminations to determine the match winner

What you need

  • One of these devices: computer/laptop, mobile phone, tablet, Playstation 4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch
  • An app store account for Nintendo Switch, mobile phone or tablet
  • Epic Games account for computer/laptop, mobile phone or tablet
  • Playstation Plus or XBox Live Gold membership

Fortnite League scoring system

  • 1st place: 10 Points
  • 2nd-5th place: 7 Points
  • 6th-15th place: 5 Points
  • 16th-25th place: 3 Points
  • +1 Point for each elimination

League champion

  1. To win the league, your child must win the playoff round - there will be a winner of both the casual and competitive divisions.
  2. The winner of the league will get the chance to meet via video chat a professional gamer from the Toronto Defiant.

Mission Control support

For help using the Mission Contol platform, please visit their support page.