The Beautiful Game

Soccer, or football as the Europeans say, has long been dubbed “The Beautiful Game.” The sport claims to have 4 billion fans worldwide and its popularity has only grown worldwide. You don’t need to be an avid player or fan to have noticed this trend. Things are only going to look  Many of us have played it, and have kids that play it. Soccer will hit fever pitch in 6 years, when Canada co-hosts the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Even in the present, from a grassroots level, soccer remains the most played sport by kids in Canada by far. It overtook hockey in participation numbers decades ago. Why is it so popular? The sport’s sheer simplicity and accessibility are two big reasons why. There are hundreds of soccer fields from coast to coast, in parks and other outdoor areas, in addition to many indoor fields. 

We know this summer is different, and that not all facilities will be open across the country at the same time. Many of us have our kids enrolled in soccer and some leagues have returned to play, at least practices anyway. The joy of our little ones seeing their friends and coaches again as well simply being able to run and kick the ball has been very much welcomed. Full contact games however, at the time of writing, still look to be a ways away. The beauty of soccer though is that you can play just about anywhere. All you need is a ball and a couple of objects to make goal posts (sticks, bottles, just about anything you can find!). 

A game of “footy” can be played in the backyard or any open grass area. If the weather is bad, and depending on your home, a makeshift “field” can be made in the basement. The sport can be enjoyed anywhere, no matter the location! It’s not about leagues, and trophies, at its very core it's about having fun. Teamwork, leadership and camaraderie, in addition to coordination and endurance and the thrill of scoring a goal make it a favourite for kids of all ages. At Backyard Camp we’re big fans of The Beautiful Game, we’ve devoted an entire activity to soccer skills. Have the kids try their luck at the skills and tricks, they’ll be sure to have a blast.