Simon Says

Simon Says is a classic game that young children love, indoors or outside, or just about anywhere. The game requires at least 3 people, but more people make for more fun. The object for the player acting as Simon is to get all the other players out as quickly as possible.

  1. To start, one person is designated Simon, the others are the players.
  2. Standing in front of the group, Simon tells players what they must do. However, the players must only obey commands that begin with the words “Simon Says.”
  3. If Simon says, “Simon says touch your nose,” then players must touch their nose. But, if Simon simply says, “jump,” without first saying “Simon says,” players must not jump. Those that do jump are out.
  4. The last player standing wins and becomes the next Simon.
  5. If you’re Simon, the object is to try to dupe the players to follow your commands when they shouldn’t.

It is the ability to distinguish between genuine and fake commands, rather than physical ability, that usually matters in the game; in most cases, the action just needs to be attempted.

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