Duck, Duck, Splash

  • Plastic cup or sponge
  • Water from hose or sink

How To play Duck, Duck, Splash:

  1. Nominate or draw straws to decide who is 'it', then have the rest of the children sit in a circle.
  2. The child who's 'it' walks around the outside of the circle, repeating 'duck, duck' while spilling a bit of water on the other children's heads.
  3. After shouting 'Goose!', the child with the cup spills all of the remaining water over one of the children in the circle's head; that child gets up and runs around the circle in the opposite direction of 'spiller' to see who will get back the spot first: the spiller or the 'spillee.'
  4. Whoever gets back and sits in the open spot in the circle fastest, claims their place in the circle for the next round; whoever of the two loses becomes a 'spillee' for the next round of Duck, Duck, Splash.

You can also play Duck, Duck, Splash with a wet sponge instead.

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