Tissue Box Musical Instrument

  • Tissue box
  • 3 rubber bands with different thickness
  • liquid glue
  • toilet paper roll

Create a homemade instrument and compose simple songs (3 rubber bands in three thicknesses and a tissue box is all you need). Think about ways to amplify the sound and let your child experiment with sound variations and different songs.


1) Take an old empty tissue box. A long box rather than a square one is preferable.

2) Cut off the top cellophane or cardboard. Use scissors or a knife to cut around the edge of the opening to get out the plastic that the tissues come through. This will make it easier to strum.  

3) Cut a hole on the side of the box for the roll. Put the paper towel roll on top, trace it with a marker, and cut along the lines.

4) Insert the paper towel roll in the hole. Make sure it's about two to three inches in. Tape may be used to hold the roll in place and make it sturdy.

5)Add the rubber band strings. Wrap a couple of rubber bands around on each side of the paper towel roll. Different types and sizes of rubber bands may be used to create different tones and sounds.

6) Decorate the box. Add stickers, paint some art designs, spray paint it, sprinkle glitter on it, and anything you would like. Now you're ready to roll!

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