Catch the __________!


In this game, there is one" mediator" and the rest of the people are "players". However, these roles can switch every 3 rounds. It is best to play this game outdoors in an open area.

  1. The first step is to choose who will be the "mediator" to start.
  2. The role of the mediator is to go through the list (below) and yell one word out each round, going down the list in order.
  3. For example, the first 2 rounds are "trial rounds" and for the first one, the mediator will yell out "Catch the person with brown hair".
  4. Now the players must all catch whoever has brown hair by lightly tapping them. If more than one player has brown hair, they must catch both. If all players have brown hair, then they must compete to tap each other.
  5. Once you have been tapped, you are "caught" and must sit down in your spot until the round is over.
  6. If no players have brown hair, then all players must sit down as quickly as possible.
  7. Next, the mediator will yell out the second item on the list. This is also a trial round, and the mediator will yell out "catch the person who is the oldest player!".
  8. Then the players must all catch the person who is the oldest one there, and there should only be one person in this case.
  9. The players will race to lightly tap the oldest player, and the oldest player will try to run as to not get caught.
  10. After playing 3 rounds of this game, someone new can be the mediator and continue down the list.
  11. This way, everyone gets a chance to play and have a ton of fun!  
  12. Catch the _________!

    Person with brown hair
    Person who is the oldest player
    Person wearing white shoes
    Person with blonde hair
    Person wearing black
    Person with the curliest hair
    Person wearing red
    Person who is male
    Person wearing a hat
    Person with blue eyes
    Person who is the youngest
    Person who is wearing a headband
    Person wearing blue
    Person who is the shortest
    Person who is female
    Person who likes to dance
    Person with green eyes
    Person who knows how to play basketball
    Person who has the shortest hair
    Person who reads the most books
    Person with red hair
    Person with brown eyes
    Person who has the straightest hair
    Person wearing a t-shirt
    Person who has their ears pierced
    Person with the longest hair
    Person with the biggest feet
    Person wearing sunglasses
    Person wearing socks
    Person who is the tallest

    Feel free to add your own items to this list and get creative! Have a blast ☺

This activity is brought to you by Camp Northland, an overnight camp based in Haliburton, Ontario with a 100+ year tradition of creating memorable summer experiences for children and teenagers from Southern Ontario.

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