Fill The Bucket

  • disposable cup
  • 2 buckets or containers

This activity can be done with 1 child or several children can compete.

  1. Poke a few holes in the bottom and middle of each cup (1 cup per child)
  2. Fill a bucket with water and put it at the starting line (1 starting bucket per child)
  3. Have the children line up at the start line.
  4. Set one empty smaller bucket in front of each child at the finish line.
  5. Give each child a cup with holes poked in it.
  6. Have the child scoop water from the bucket and race to fill the smaller one.
  7. First child to fill the smaller bucket wins.

To make the game more challenging have your child dance as they move from bucket to bucket. Or, try using a sponge instead of a cup to move water between the buckets.

If it's 1 child doing this activity, you can time them and do it repeatedly to see if their time improves.

Skills developed: agility, balancing

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