Water Balloon Day

  • multi-coloured balloons
  • water
  • cardboard
  • duct tape
  • markers and crayons

Have fun staying cool with these water-balloon activities:        

  • Speed fill – See who can fill the most balloons the quickest. This way, you'll have a large stock of balloons for the following activities:
  • Obstacle Course – Create an obstacle course in your yard and have one group of kids try to complete the obstacle course as quickly as they can; as they run the course, other participants throw water balloons at them. If a 'racer' gets hit with the balloon they need to start the obstacle course again.
Other fun water-balloon activities: 
  • Marco “Throw” – The "Marco" participant is blindfolded and repeatedly shouts “Marco!” The other participants must respond with “polo.” They can only walk (not run) within the designated playing area while avoiding getting hit by the Marco's water balloon. If Marco hits a Polo with a water balloon, then Marco wins, and the Polo hit with the balloon becomes the Marco - make sure to have several filled water balloons on hand.
  • Shield Making – Gather cardboard, duct tape, markers and crayons. Each person makes a shield for the water-balloon battle.

This activity is brought to you by Camp Northland, an overnight camp based in Haliburton, Ontario with a 100+ year tradition of creating memorable summer experiences for children and teenagers from Southern Ontario.

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