Indoor Obstacle Course

When it is really cold outside in the winter or super hot outside in the summer,  what a great way for your children to be creative by putting together an indoor obstacle course!

Help your child or children to set up an obstacle course indoors.

Arrange your furniture so there are things to crawl under, climb over, walk along, hop along, etc.

Here are some ideas:

  • Crawl under the coffee table
  • Climb over the sofa
  • Remove the pillows from the sofa and put them on the floor to use as a mat and do somersaults.
  • Hop down the hallway like a kangaroo (with two feet)
  • Crawl like a bear or crab walk
  • Use a rope or piece of tape on the carpet and have children walk as if they are on a tight rope. Make it more challenging by having them carry small cans in both hands while trying to balance.

After going through the course a couple of times, encourage your children to stretch their imaginations and rearrange the obstacles

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