Angry Birds Game

  • Assorted boxes
  • Package of balloons
  • Paint, sticks
  • Elastic bands
  • Tennis balls or other small balls


  1. Gather old cardboard boxes from around the house (various shapes and sizes) and paint them orange, white and grey to match the Angry Birds colours.
  2. Next, use a stick and elastic band to make a small slingshot (here's how).
  3. Blow up 6-8 green balloons and draw pig faces (the Angry Birds nemesis!) on them with a marker.
  4. Next, assemble the boxes and wedge the pig balloons in the top and sides of the cardboard box.  
  5. Use a small ball that will fit in your slingshot (e.g. squash ball, tennis ball).
  6. Take aim from a distance and see how many balloons you can hit with each shot - play with a friend, sibling or teams!

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