Fun with Hula Hoops

All you need are a few hula hoops which you can find at your local dollar store or craft store.

A hula hoop is an inexpensive piece of activity equipment you can have in your own backyard camp setting that can be used for hours of fun for all ages.

Here are some great ideas for guaranteed hours of hula hooping fun at home:

  • Traditional Hula Hoop activity - have your kids try to spin the hoop around their waists for as long as they can before it falls to the ground. You can time them and see how they improve each time. Once they have gotten really good at one hoop, you can add a second hoop to make it more challenging.
  • Hoop Obstacle course - set up hoops on the ground in shapes and patterns and your children move from hoop to hoop while giving them instructions like hop on one foot from one to the other. You could put bean bags in the centre and have them hop and pick up a bean bag and drop it in a different circle. Anything goes.
  • Learn to 'skip' - through the hoop. The fact that the hoop is solid it can be easy to learn to use your arms while holding the hoop and pull it over your head adn then jump over it as you bring it down around you.

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