Wheelbarrow Puzzle Walk

Looking for a fun activity to do with your children indoors this winter? Look no further than a wheelbarrow puzzle walk. It will bring enjoyment and laughter and a good workout for both adults and children while having fun.

All you need is a nice carpeted space and a wooden board puzzle.

Setting up the space:

  • Put the puzzle board at one end of your space and scatter the pieces at the other end of the room. A distance of six to eight feet should be more than enough space for this to work well.

How to play:

  • Adult will hold their children either at their hips or their ankles and the child will wheelbarrow their way back and forth between the puzzle pieces and the puzzle picking up the pieces along the way.
  • The child will hold pieces in mouth or put in pocket and when they make their way to the puzzle board, insert the piece into the correct space.
  • Complete this activity until the puzzle is completed.

If there is more than one child in the group, you can create a race, timing the completion of the puzzle or even race each other if there are enough children or adults to work together.

This is a great activity for both gross and fine motor skills.

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