LEGO Zipline

  • String
  • LEGO Pieces
  • Pen & Paper

How to Make a LEGO Zipline:

  1. Gather your supplies: LEGO pieces, LEGO person/object & cord or strong string.
  2. Tie a string/cord across a room or to a chair (if outdoors, to the top of a gazebo or a hook on a wall); angle the line downward towards the floor.
  3. Construct a square or rectangular-shaped LEGO 'cage' with an opening in the middle that's wide enough to attach your Lego character within it.
  4. Attach a LEGO piece that contains a hole through the middle to the top of your cage.
  5. Pass the cord or string (ie,the zipline) through the LEGO piece with the hole in it at the top of the cage.
  6. Position cage at the top end of the zipline string or cord and let it fly.

Fun challenge: Have your child or children time which LEGO creations slide down fastest through slowest.

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