Backyard Water Wall

  • Planks of wood (optional if there's no fence)
  • plastic containers
  • staple gun
  • staples
  • zip ties
  • water hose

A homemade water wall is a fantastic addition to a backyard play space! With recyclable containers, you can make a water wall for toddlers and preschoolers to play with at home or preschool. It makes a great STEM activity, teaching kids about gravity, angles and water flow, and it’s a great water activity to keep kids cool on a hot day.

How to make The Wall: Two pieces of an old bench which worked out really well as there are two sides for the kids to play at. You could also attach your water wall to a board, a wooden fence, a chain link fence, a baby gate, deck rails, or a piece of lattice.Attach the containers to the wood with a staple gun, by lining things up and pouring water through to make sure the placement was right before stapling.If you’re using lattice or chain link fence for your wall, you can attach your containers by punching holes in them, and fastening them with zip-ties, heavy duty twist ties or florist’s wire. Once it is built you can use a hose to pour water over the wall. The water can be collected and recycled on the wall or in the garden.

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