Make your own magnifying glass

What you need:

Small glass jar with the label removed (i.e. honey jar, baby food jar, etc.)


Have you been on a nature walk with your children, they may like to get down and look at the world from "a bug's life". This easy to create magnifying glass will help your child see the world in a larger way.

How to create and play:

  • Fill up the glass jar with water to the very top.
  • Screw on the lid.
  • Hold the jar a few inches away from a flower, a bug, or an interesting rock and look through the water. What do you see?
  • Put the magnifying glass in your backpack and take it on a nature walk or use it to take a closer look at items around your house! You can encourage your children to journal what they are seeing.
  • What does a walk in your neighbourhood look like, as compared to a walk along a beach, or forest setting look like.

If you have a phone with you, take pictures of interesting insects, flowers, moss and you can look on nature and wildlife website to match up what you have looked at up close with your homemade magnifying glass.

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