Homemade Liquid Watercolours

  • Dried out markers
  • Water
  • Glass jars with lids (large baby food jars or small mason jars are great)

Even the most worn-out, dried up, marker has a ton of ink left in it. And you can easily extract that ink and turn it into colourful paint for your kids. First, your kids need to test all of the markers to see which ones are getting low on ink. Then set aside the good ones and sort the dry markers into groups of similar colours. Set out as many jars per group group of colours and pour some water into each jar. Next, have the kids place the markers tips down into the water. What if some of the water evaporates? It will happen. Don’t sweat it! Some water will evaporate, but your pigment won’t. Your colours will simply become more concentrated, and that’s a good thing.

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