Crystallized Beach Rocks

  • smooth beach rocks
  • borax
  • hot water
  • jars or plastic containers
  • spoon
  • liquid watercolours
  • medicine droppers or small paintbrushes

First fill a jar with 3 cups of very hot tap water. Then add 9 tablespoons of borax. Stir until borax dissolves. Then, using a spoon, lower your rock into the jar of borax-water, and leave it on the counter to do its thing. Crystals will begin to form on the rock and on the bottom of the jar within hours. To maximize the crystallization process, leave your rock in the borax solution overnight.

The next day, gently pry the rock loose. Take care to not force the rock free too quickly.  You could chip some of the crystals off your stone. Place the rock on paper towel to dry. Now, to colour the crystals.Pour a few drops of your liquid watercolours into an ice cube tray, and add a couple of drops of water to each colour to dilute them as much as you'd like. Then the hooligans The kids can then use the droppers and paintbrushes to drip or brush the colour onto their rocks. The crystals will absorb the colours.

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