Marble Run

  • paper towel roll tubes
  • marbles or small balls
  • masking or painters tape
  • markers
  • stickers

  1. Gather a few paper towel roll inner tubes
  2. Cut them to varying lengths, but no less than 15 cm
  3. Cut out a 2 x 2 cm area from one end of each tube
  4. Have your kids decorate the tubes
  5. With masking or painters tape, begin to tape each tube to the wall, one above the next, and on angle so the marble will roll from one tube to another with the cutout part of the tube facing up at the high end of the run
  6. Test out the run and adjust tubes if there's a problem
  7. Time how long it takes the marble to roll through the run
  8. Change the angle of the tubes or configuration to see if your kids can improve their time.

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