Spring neighborhood clean up

What you will need:

  • Heavy garbage bags to collect trash
  • Gloves - especially important as we practice Covid-19 safety measures
  • Optional: pick-up stick, shovel or broom, separate bag for recyclables

Once the snow has melted, it gives way to the side of winter that comes out in springtime - garbage. Lots of garbage under all the melted snow that is now your parks, playgrounds and green spaces in your neighborhood.

Equipped safely and supervised very closely by adults, you can use this activity to showcase to your children about being an active member in their community.


  • Make sure all family members have gloves (double up if you prefer), and a trash bag.
  • If your area is walking distance, walk to your park, playground, etc. If you are driving, proceed to area of focus.
  • With adult supervision, assist children in safely pick up items for disposal. If need be separate garbage from recyclable. Use a shovel or a pick up stick for safety.
  • Once area is cleaned up, properly dispose of all litter.

Teachable moments:

  • Did you find a lot of litter where you were? What kind of litter was most common? What are the possibilities to help with this problem.
  • Why is it important to pick up litter?
  • What your community look like if people littered all the time? Would it be a place you would want to live?

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