Inspirational Rock Project

What you will need: 

  • Flat river rocks (from your garden or from a local dollar or craft store)
  • Craft paint in various colours
  • Various sized paint brushes
  • Outdoor paint sealer
  • Sharpie markers in various colours (or other fine or medium point makers)

The Kindness Rocks Project is part of a worldwide movement to encourage kindness and creativity towards others. The idea is simple: if you find a painted rock, take a photo and post it with the hashtag #KindnessRocksProject. If you want to keep the rock, you can, or you can re-hide it for someone else to find.

We think this is a great activity for your family that can incorporate mindfulness, arts and crafts, health and nature.

How to create:

  • Before your children begin painting, have them sit at the table and have a conversation about what they would like the messages to be about. This will give them time to think about what it means to be kind to others, think about the positive messages they would like to hear in their own lives.
  • Paint the base colours of the rocks using the craft paint. Using lighter colours as the base will allow for the messages to be painting on top and easily seen.
  • Complete the rocks by adding your messages of inspiration. They could be highlighted with the coloured sharpies. If there is room on the back of the rock you could include #KindnessRocksProject.
  • To ensure that the rocks sustain the weather elements use a spray outdoor paint sealer to coat and seal the rocks. This should be done with proper ventilation (outdoors) and by an adult.

How to distribute:

  • Go on a neighborhood walk with your children and have them put the rocks in gardens or tree/flower beds on your route. You can post on your social media about your neighborhood kindness project.
  • If you find a rock along your walk pick it up, take a picture of the rock or with you holding the rock and when you post, be sure to tag #KindnessRocksProject.

Keep the kindness going!

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