Twig Star Ornaments

  • Sticks
  • Coloured raffia
  • Thin wire or twine
  • White acrylic paint
  • Glue gun

These summer twig star ornaments are made with just twigs and raffia, but they’ll add a little glam to any patio, porch or deck.

How to assemble:

1. Organize sticks that are similar in diameter, and sort them into sets of five.  

2. Trim any sticks so that they are all the same length.

3. Once trimmed, hot-glue them into star shapes.

4. Have the kids paint them with acrylic paint.

5. Paint each star, front and back, with white acrylic paint.  

6. Tie a long length of raffia to your star, and have your child wrap and wind the raffia all around the star.  

7. Knot your finished ends to a one of the twigs in the star to secure everything in place.

8. Now it’s time to string your stars together. You can do this with more of your raffia, or with some yarn or twine.

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