How to seal painted rocks

Once you have completed your painted rock art masterpieces you want to ensure that your creations last as long as they possibly can, especially if they will be making their home outdoors. The seal is important and they will last a long time as long as they are sealed properly.

Here are some tips for getting the best seal on your painted rocks:

  • We find spray sealer to be the most effective. It is important not to hold and spray too close to your rocks. You should be holding the can at least 8" away from your rocks. Holding the can too close will create uneven coats.
  • When choosing your sealer, decide ahead of time what you would like your final product to look like. There are matte finishes or high gloss shiny finishes.
  • For the first coat, it is best to start with a light coat, more like a mist. Too much sealer, sprayed too thick and too fast can cause your paint and markers to run. Make sure not to over-saturate your rocks while spraying, you don't want the sealer to drip and run.
  • Everyone wants pretty, shiny rocks. You will need multiple thin layers to build up the shine. You can do 2 or 3 coats to get your desired shine.
  • Do not let you rocks dry in the sun. They should be in a well ventilated space out of the sun, and somewhere that they won't need to be touched or moved. They need time to cure and set. (preferably overnight)
  • Make sure to seal the rock on all sides, not just the top. That will also mean time to dry between coats. You should use a non-stick surface under the rocks, like parchment paper, to avoid messing up the top of the rock once you turn it over.

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