DIY Bird Feeders

  • String
  • bagel
  • peanut butter or cooking fat
  • cereal
  • toilet paper roll

We’re blessed to have dozens of beautiful bird species here in Canada.  You don’t need to drive up north to go bird watching this summer, in fact you can see them from the comfort of your own home by making these simple bird feeders.

Bagel Bird Feeder

This one uses a stale bagel, so it's great if you have leftovers from a brunch party.

  1. Cut the bagel in half lengthwise and secure it with a string or ribbon through the hole.
  2. Have your child spread either peanut butter or cooking fat over the bagel.
  3. Dredge it through the birdseed.
  4. Hang the bagel in the yard.

Cereal Bird Feeder

This is a great craft for working fine motor skills. It also makes use of any stale round cereal you might have in the house.

  1. Take a long length of string and tie a knot at the end that's big enough so the cereal can't drop through.
  2. Ask your child to put circle-shaped cereal, such as Cheerios, onto the string.
  3. Once the string is full, tie the ends together and secure it to a tree or porch.

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