Snow Painting

What you need is really simple:

  • Spray Bottles (as many as the colours of paint your a preparing.
  • Liquid Food colouring

There is nothing better than freshly fallen snow. Well, maybe there is, when you can use the fresh snow as a blank canvas to have your children create their own masterpieces.

This activity will get your family outside and enjoying the winter as well as letting them use their imagination in creating colourful snow art.

To create your snow "paint":

  • Fill spray bottles with cold water from the tap. (If too warm it will melt the snow and be less effective).
  • Put a few drops of colour into the bottles and shake well. You may need to add more colouring once you do a test on the snow to ensure the colour is bright enough.
  • You can start with three colours (red, yellow and blue) and you can mix more from there (Green or purple)

Once you have the spray bottles ready to go, you can send your kids out to create their snow masterpieces.

Make sure to take pictures of their finished artwork. As the story goes in Frosty the snowman, the snow will melt and so will their art creations.

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