Seasonal Clean up - Closets

A couple of times a year many of us go through our closets and our drawers - usually spring and fall. For adults, it is what we may have not worn since last year. For your children, because they are still growing, from season to season many of their clothes no longer fit. What a great time to teach them about donating and paying it forward.

We appreciate in the time of the pandemic it may not be possible to give to the same places you gave in the past, so we encourage you to find a local place in your community that hopefully has started to take donations.

It is important to engage your children in their closet cleaning. Have them create piles - what they will keep, what they will donate. It will give them ownership on their choices.

Donate clothing that no longer fits your child. There are a lot of clothing boxes in your community that will accept these items.

Give old blankets or towels to your local pet shelter or find out if your local veterinarian clinic is in need.

All of these important actions of giving will show your children how to help people in need, which will help your child stay connected to community.

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