Mindfulness Five Senses Activity

When you notice what is happening around you, it can help you to centre yourself or your children when they are sad, angry or frustrated. Mindfulness helps you deal with tough emotions, and mindfulness can make you happy and feel good.

The Five Senses exercise which is good for anyone at any age and stage of life.  

  • Notice FIVE things you can see - looking around to bring attention to the small things around you that you may not normally see, like different colours of grass, cracks in the concrete, bricks on the wall.
  • Notice FOUR things you can feel - bring awareness to four things you are currently feeling, like the sun on your face, the coolness of the grass under your feet.
  • Notice THREE things you can hear - tuning into the sounds of your surroundings, what can you hear? Birds chirping, cars driving by, sound of a lawnmower.
  • Notice TWO things you can smell - tune your senses into smells you may usually miss like flowers in your garden, fresh cut grass or even a skunk.
  • Notice ONE thing you can taste - Focus on one thing you can taste right now, in this moment. You could take a sip of your apple juice, bite a banana or even a chocolate chip cookie.

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