Fall Leaf Print Art

What you need for this craft:

- Craft paper (or white computer paper or even canvas)

- Acrylic craft paints in fall colors (red, orange, yellow, green, brown)

- Foam paint brushes

- Paper plates or paint palettes

- Fall leaves – try a variety of shapes and sizes

As the leaves fall off the trees, now is the time for a nature walk, picking up the leaves and creating an art project using those fallen leaves.

How to create the project:

  • Go on a walk and pick up leaves that have fallen. Look for leaves that haven't complete dried out as they will crumble while working on the project.
  • Set up your table, covering with a table cloth or plastic, and prepare your paint palettes or paper plates using a variety of fall colors.
  • Using a foam brush add a variety of paint colors to your leaf. (NOTE: to ensure you see the veins of the leaves, a small amount of paint works best. Adult supervision can be required for this).
  • Turn the leaf over on the paper and gently press down, making sure to press over the entire surface area off the leaf.
  • Pull the leaf away slowly to reveal the fall leaf print you child has created.

Allow to dry before displaying.

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