Family Car Rally

Looking for something fun to do for Father's Day that gets you out of the house? Plan a family car rally in your city, or hit the open road on a four-wheel adventure.

Getting Started:

  • As a family, make a list of all of your favourite places that you like to eat at, activities you like to do as a family or places you may have been as a family or would like to go when you are able.
  • Once you have your list, the adults will map out the route based on where the places are located.
  • Make sure your phones are charged, or cameras are put in the car, as this would be an amazing opportunity to take pictures at every stop. By doing this you are also creating a future family opportunity, by making a photo book of your Father's Day adventures.

NOTE: If you plan on being out for a long period of time, due to current closures, make sure you map out potential bathroom stops that may be required.

Planning ideas:

Think about all the food options available:

  • Different family members can choose from a drink option, a meal option, even breaking down appetizers and main course, and of course a dessert option.
  • Maybe it is in search of the best ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt shops in the city.
  • Donuts are all the craze, there is life outside of a timbit. Who can order the craziest donut option along the way?

What about attractions around the city:

  • Museums, there are many other than the ROM you can discover
  • If your family loves sports, you can find football fields, baseball diamonds, tennis courts. They may not all be accessible, but a photo outside the gates can work.

Be creative, use your imagination and you can create the best family adventure, right from the comfort of your own car.

MOST IMPORTANT: Be sure to be safe and be sure to capture all your memories.

This activity is not just for Father's Day. Of course it can be for Mother's day and the route could be all of mom's favourite places.

It could be a fun activity to plan for a birthday party. Create a theme and invite other families to join in their car and at the end there could be ice cream, cupcakes or some other treat for all the participants.

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