Travel the World

What you need:

  • Map of the world
  • Coloured stickers (small circles or stars would work).

While world travel is still on pause. Just because we aren't getting on planes and travelling to amazing new places of discovery, doesn't mean we all can't travel with our families from our own homes.

This game is an active participation game for all family members.

How to get started:

  • Take turns with your family (both children and adults can play). Close your eyes and place a sticker somewhere on the map (you can help by ensuing the child doesn't place a sticker in the ocean).
  • Once they have pointed to their country put the sticker on it and the fun begins.
  • Everyone in the family can participate in this game by using their computer and devices.
  • Put together a work sheet that can be divided to different family members and research the following questions about the country.

Here are some examples of what you could research:

  • What kind of animals live there?
  • What types of food do they eat?
  • What language(s) are spoken in this country?
  • Which continent is it on?
  • What is its climate like?
  • What are the colours of the flag and draw a copy?
  • What unique holidays do they celebrate that may be different to what we celebrate?
  • How to children learn, go to school?
  • What other interesting facts did you learn?

This exercise will take time and it will encourage you to work as a family or on your own to learn about other countries around the world.

Each family member can take a turn at picking a new country.

It will be an educational journey for your whole family. Maybe even a future travel destination will emerge.

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