Gift Wrap Relay

Materials needed:

  • Two gift-wrapped boxes of the same size
  • Pre-cut wrapping paper
  • Clear scotch tape.
  • Ribbons and bows (optional).

Note: To make it easier for younger children, avoid using ribbons or bows and simply stick to wrapping paper.

Your family holiday get togethers may be smaller this year, but you can still provide full holiday fun for your family at home celebrations.

How to play:

  • Players divide into teams. If you  are a small group you can do it one at a time and the race can be timed for a winner.
  • One player on each team starts by unwrapping the wrapped box at a gift-wrapping station where pre-cut gift wrap and tape are set up.
  • They re-wrap the box and race back to the next person in line. That person then runs to the wrapping station and unwraps and re-wraps the box again.
  • Players take turns until one team finishes first.

The winner gets the wrapped present.

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