Water Balloon Piñata

  • balloons
  • clothesline or strong rope/string
  • water
  • big stick OR scissors OR sharp pencil OR screwdriver (or other sharp tool)"

The perfect activity for a hot summer day is here! To start, you’re going to need to fill some balloons up with water. You can do this using a hose or sink, and can fill as many balloons as you want (probably at least 6 is a good amount). Tie the balloons once you’ve filled them. Next, find a good spot in your yard or a nearby park to tie a clothesline between two trees. You can also use a strong length of rope if no clothesline is available. Feel free to do this in just one place, or many places around the yard, depending on what you prefer.

Once the clothesline (or rope) is secure, you’ll want to attach the balloons by tying them to the clothesline (or rope) at their ends. They should be hanging upside-down. Make sure the water-filled balloons are very secure and will not fall off easily! Now, it is fiesta time! Find a big stick and start hitting the balloons, and soon enough your backyard will become a waterpark! Tip – to make things easier, you can also use a pencil/screwdriver and simply cut or poke the balloons to get the same effect!

This activity is brought to you by Camp Northland, an overnight camp based in Haliburton, Ontario with a 100+ year tradition of creating memorable summer experiences for children and teenagers from Southern Ontario.

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