Pumpkin Patch Stomp

What you need:

  • Orange balloons
  • Small candies (hard wrapped,candies, gum)
  • Small wrapped caramels
  • Small coins (nickels or dimes)

Here is a fun activity that you can enjoy in your backyard at home Halloween celebration.

How to assemble:

  • Before blowing up balloons, add the prizes into the balloons. Candy should be small enough to fit through the balloon and that will also be in tact after being stomped on. (double bubble gum or caramels could work).
  • For coins, small coins are best to fit though before blowing up the balloons.
  • Once balloons are blown up you can scatter them around your backyard and let your children have fun jumping on the balloons to get to their prizes.

BONUS: Have extra prizes for the fastest child helping to clean up all the balloons once the game is over!

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