Halloween Sensory Bin

What you will need:

  • Rice (between 3-5 cups depending on the size of your bin)
  • Orange food colouring
  • Vinager
  • Plastic Spiders, eyeballs, bones or skulls
  • Large bin
  • Tongs (small for fine motor skill growth)
  • Mason or other jars

Sensory bins are always a great opportunity for toddlers to play and grow. Use the Halloween holiday to create a fun and creative sensory bin for your young children to have fun.

Dying the Rice:

Step one is to dye the rice orange. This is easy, this takes no more than 1 minute to do.

  • To dye rice, dump white rice in a plastic bag. Add 1 Tablespoon of vinegar for every 1 cup of rice.
  • Add in the desired about of food coloring and shake, shake, shake!
  • Pour the rice out onto a cookie sheet and let it dry at least 3 hours.

Assembling the Sensory Bin:

  • In a large bin, put the dyed rice and spread out
  • Add in spiders, eyeballs and other themed plastic items
  • Set the bin on the floor or table and let your toddlers have fun.


  • To create more of a structured activity, give your children tongs and have them pick up each item (spiders, eyes, bones) and put them in bowls or jars.
  • Once all items have been sorted, you can use the items in the jars as a counting activity.
  • Afterwards, you can pour all items back in the bin, and allow them free time play, providing scoops, etc and let them have fun!

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