Red Rover

How to play:
  • 1. Divide kids into two teams of equal size.
  • 2. Each team forms a line and holds hands creating a human chain. The two lines face each other standing about 25 feet apart.
  • 3. Decide which team will go first by flipping a coin.
  • 4. The team that goes first chooses a player from the other team, and says, “Red rover, red rover, we call [name of child on other team] over!” while swinging their arms.
  • 5. The player named in the chant lets go of their teammate’s hands and charges into the opponents. The goal is to break through their human chain. If they succeeds, someone from the opposing team is chosen to join his team. If they fails, they become a part of the other team.
  • 6. The next team takes a turn calling someone over.
  • 7. The teams take turns doing this until one team succeeds in capturing all of the players

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