Literal Telephone Game

We all remember sitting around a circle and playing broken telephone. It is so much fun to hear what actually happens as the story moves around the circle. This game takes an 'at home' spin to the original version.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: Look at your friend contact list or family group chat and pick four or five contacts to play the game with. It would be best if they all knew each other or were okay with sharing the contact numbers.
  • Step 2: Have a child in house number 1 call house number 2 and share a story or joke. After sharing the story, the child will then call house number 3 and repeat the story or joke. This will continue until the last house calls the first house and shares the story or joke.
  • It would be fun for the group to get on a zoom call and each house can share the story or joke they heard so that everyone can laugh at how much the story changes each time someone repeats it.

You can continue the game with a different order of houses or choose a new contact group to play again.

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