Mindfulness - Balance on one foot

By now, we are used to waiting in line for almost everything we are doing. It is not always easy for any age, but this activity is simple to do anywhere at any time, and will help your children focus and be aware of their body and their surroundings. It can help with the boredom of waiting in line.

Here is how to set up this exercise:

  • Have your child focus on looking out to a point of interest in the distance (could be a street sign for example). Have them stand on one leg and keep their staring at the focal point. How long can they balance this way?
  • Then try the other leg. To make it more challenging, you can engage your child in conversation. Ask if they can sing a song, or repeat a rhyme while continuing to balance. Even close their eyes while continuing to stand on one leg.
  • Once your children have mastered the art of balancing on one foot, add mindfulness breathing to the mix and see if they can master that as well.

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