Street Art Self guided Walking Tour


  • Bring your camera, a bottle of water, a hat and sunscreen if you plan on visiting in the summer.
  • There may not be a lot of opportunities to use washroom facilities so be prepared.
  • Once completed you can continue your walk along Queen street to many other areas of the city to explore.

This unique, eclectic area of Toronto has become one of the city's most visited attractions. This area has been designated as an area of municipal significance and there is now funding and approval for public murals and graffiti art.

Where is Graffiti Alley?

Graffiti Alley is home in the alleyways of Rush Lane, which is directly parallel behind Queen Street, and runs for three city blocks continuously.  

This is living art exhibition that is in constant movement. A mural you may see while you are walking on one visit, may not be there the next time you visit. A camera is a MUST on any walk through the alley.

This area of the city is also changing. In the summer of 2020 while for a walk in the alley, it was clear that some of the area was changing as construction walls were up in place of buildings that used to be there. Do not be discouraged, there is art all around you and waiting to be discovered.

Finding Graffiti Alley:

Graffiti Alley runs south of Queen Street from Spadina Avenue to Portland Avenue in an alleyway known as Rush Lane. The beginning of Graffiti Alley starts at the corner of Rush Lane and Portland Street. Then walk east. The colorful, street art-filled stretch runs for nearly three blocks.

Questions to engage your children:

  • Can you find any letters, numbers or words in any of the images?
  • What colours are most noticeable in the different images?
  • What stories do they think are being told with the images?
  • If they could have the chance to be a street artist, what would they paint or what messages would they want to portray?

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