Mindfulness - Body Scan

This exercise is a simple, yet very important practice in mindfulness.

It is an easy one to teach to children:

  • Step 1: In the summer, this can be done with your children outside on the grass, but in winter on a carpet or mat indoors. Instruct them to lie down on their back on a comfortable surface and close their eyes.
  • Step 2: Instruct your children to squeeze every muscle in their body as tight as they can.  Have them squish their toes and feet, squeeze their hands into fists, and make their legs and arms outstretched and stiff.
  • Step 3: After counting to ten, have them release all their muscles, relax and continue to deep breathe for a few minutes.

Once the exercise is complete, ask them to think about how their body felt throughout the activity. This exercise give children an opportunity to develop awareness of their bodies and helps them find a way to be present.

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