Mindfulness - Notice the Coin

This is a simple kind of meditation to work on with your children, in which you focus your attention on one thing. In this case, a coin in your child’s hand.This can be done either small tactile objects other than a coin, but for this purpose we chose a coin If you have something edible, like a raisin, that would be even better so you could incorporate taste.

How to begin:

  • Step 1. Have your child close their eyes and put out their hand. Place the object in their hand.
  • Step 2. Without looking, have them describe what they feel. If your child is young, you may need to guide them with some questions: “Is it small or big? Is it warm or cold? Is it bumpy or smooth?”
  • Step 3. Guide them to use their other senses. What do they smell? Does the object make a sound? If the object is edible, what do they taste?

This practice will calm and centre your child. You will notice this change as they continue this practice. Continue this for as long as they seem calm and relaxed.

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