Mindfulness - Personal Weather Report

Your Personal Weather Report

This exercise is really easy to do and explain to your children (or even to work on yourself). We can easily identify good feelings when the sun is shining and the weather is good the same way as we can identify difficult or challenging feelings when the days are dark and stormy outside.

Here is how to put together your child's personal weather report:
  • Sit in a comfortable place with your child. It could be in their room, on the floor, let them choose the place.
  • Close your eyes and then ask your child to close their eyes.
  • Ask them to describe how they are feeling at that moment in time.
  • Is it a calm, relaxed sunny day? Is it dark, rainy and gloomy? Is there a scary thunderstorm?
  • Once they have described their personal internal weather report to you,  you will let them know that there is nothing they have to do about the weather. Just have them observe how they are feeling.

The exercise lets us understand that there are times when we cannot change how we feel inside. Like the weather outside, we can't change it.

Just like the weather, it passes. The rain stops, the sun comes out, your mood will also blow over. This exercise allows us to acknowledge our feelings and how we feel without having to react to them.

Comfort them by letting them know when they are going through a stormy day, they can come to you for a hug.

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