Mindfulness - Thank You Cards

What you need:

  • Card stock, construction paper or white craft paper folded
  • crayons, markers or any stickers for decorating
  • envelopes and stamps
  • pen, penicl or marker for personalized message.

Everything that is old can be something that is new again. The art of thank you card isn't something people do much of these days. Sending an email is a fast way to say thank you, but a grandparent will be the fist to tell you how special it is to get a card in the mail.

In this unique time in our lives, I hope it is safe to say that everyone had a quieter, small version of your holiday season. Not being able to have our regular visits with loved ones may have resulted in a lot of mailed gifts in the form of gift cards, amazon boxes or porch dropped off wrapped gifts. Each one of those gifts should get a proper thank you.

Spend an evening with your children, and their craft paper and crayons, markers and even their stickers and help them send thank you notes to their aunts and uncles, grandparents and more.

Once they have completed all their cards, help them with the addressing of the envelopes, putting the stamp on and walking (or driving) to the closest mailbox.

This activity will be a great lesson in gratitude and appreciate for what we have received in our lives.

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