Mindfulness - Eating

As we know mindfulness is becoming and being aware of your  immediate environment without judgement and noticing of thoughts, feelings.

The Center for Mindful eating says "Mindful eating has an intent that at the end of the meal the person will feel physically better after eating than before.”

This activity will have your children use their senses to investigate their food. It is a great way to have them slow their process down and take notice of the experiences of eating and enjoying food.

For this exercise all you will need is three different kinds of apples.

Here are the questions and prompts for the children:

1. Look - describe the different colours and shapes of the different apples.

2. Listen - does your food make a sound?

3. Touch - describe the texture of the food - is it smooth, bumpy or rough?

4. Smell - what does your food smell like?

5. Taste - have them put the food on their tongue but don’t let them chew it just yet. Notice how it feels in your mouth. Do you taste anything yet? Start to chew, does the flavor change?

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