Mindfulness - Traffic Light Activity

This easy to follow mindfulness strategy can be used with your children, as well as yourself. It allows you time and space to identify what you are feeling, how your body is feeling and to be present with the emotions and feelings.

How this mindfulness activity works:


  • Like you would do at a traffic light, you need to stop. Your child needs to pause and notice what their body is feeling, thinking and what they may be doing at that moment in time. Pause and feel it.
  • The question you may ask your child:
  • Can you identify this emotion? You can say it out loud or in your head.


  • This step is about acknowledgement of your child's feelings. By taking some slow deep breaths will help this calming process. Working with your child by reminding them about what they can and cannot control can be helpful to the situation.


  • This is the time in this exercise to let these feelings go.  Help your child focus on the present moment and think about the fact that they have the ability to choose how to react. Or not react. It is about deciding what the next steps are, and that they are in control.

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