Mindfulness - Colour Breathing

Here at Backyard Camp, we have many acivities about Mindfulness and its importance in our everyday life practices. This applies not just to the children in our lives. Children of all ages need to take a time out of our schedules to acknowledge and be present to what is going on around us and how it is affecting us.

Today we will focus on colour breathing.

This is easy to set up for you and your children.

1. Ask your children to think about a colour that relaxes them.

2. Once they have their first colour ask them to choose another colour that makes them think about being upset, angry, frustrated or sad.

3. Ask them to close their eyes. As they take a deep breath in, tell them to think about the colour that makes them feel relaxed and let it fill their bodies.

4. When they are exhaling, ask them to picture the 'negative' colour leaving their body and disappearing as it enters the room.

After a few minutes of this activity the goal is to fill our bodies with positivity and good thoughts and the negative feels and thoughts are now gon

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