Mindfulness Yoga - Rock Pose

At home, life can be hectic and crazy, like the windstorm of a swirling storm. There are times when you would like the storm to be calm. This is a great way to start that process and have your child (and even yourself perhaps) to look in inward.

How to do this:

  • Step 1. In a space in your house with a carpet or even on a floor with a yoga mat, have your child sit on their heels and fold forward with their forehead on the ground. Arms can reach forward or they can hold on to their feet.
  • Step 2. Encourage your child to “be still like a rock” for three to 10 breaths, depending on their age.
  • Step 3. If they like, they can rock their head from side to side while keeping their forehead on the floor, which will act like a massage the nerves in the forehead.


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