Fingerprint Christmas Lights

What you need for this craft:

  • White Card Stock or craft paper
  • Fine tip black Sharpie or marker
  • Multi-Coloured craft paint

A craft that you can do along side your younger children using their hands, craft paint and either white card stock or craft paper.

How to create the lights:

  • Step 1: This first step is for an adult or older children to assist with. On the white craft paper or card stock, use your black sharpie and draw a line with swirls in it. Then draw little squares along the line spaced out to be the bottom of the bulb part.
  • Step 2: Pour small amounts of coloured craft paint onto a paper plate or paint palette. Assist your child in dipping their finger tips in the colour and help them place their finger over the squares to create the 'bulb' of the light over the base.

This idea is great for:

  • Christmas cards to family members - having the children print their own names on the card.
  • On clear plastic ornaments, children can create their own design and colour theme.
  • Bedroom door decoration - using the 'light' theme around the outside of the card stock and putting their name in the centre.

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