Halloween Candy Charcuterie

Here are just a few ideas of what you can include in your Halloween Candy Charcuterie:

  • Candy Corn, Mellowcreme Pumpkins
  • Black licorice, licorice all sorts
  • Gummy worms, sour patch keys
  • Gummy eyeballs, Swedish fish
  • Any wrapped chocolates, mini candy bars

Check out other candy treat ideas in our Halloween tab that you can make at home with your children.

Your local bakery may sell decorative cookies which you can add into your platter as well.

Preparing a charcuterie board to set in the centre of your table is always fun and exciting for the host. A Halloween themed charcuterie will not disappoint, the host or the children and adults who will enjoy the fun.

How to assemble:

This is really up to your own imagination as well. A stop to your local dollar store to pick up all kinds of festive décor like skeletons, mini plastic pumpkins, eye balls, spiders will all help with your decorating plans. Add in mini pumpkins, gourds pine cones, leaves and you will have the perfect accompaniments to your candy treats.

The same way as you would assemble a meat and cheese charcuterie is the same way you would assemble this platter. Put smaller candies in skeleton cups/bowls, put mini pumpkins on bowls turned upside down for height and start to layer the candy on the board. You may want to assemble your board on the table you plan to serve on as it may be hard to transport once completed.

Once your children and family come to the table, you won't be able to keep their hands away from your candy charcuterie board.

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