Valentine's Day Dessert Board

Planning your Valentine's Day Dessert Board:

  • Themed Candy - Bulk Food stores, dollar stores and grocery stores all have a wide variety of themed chocolate, gummies, jelly beans and more.
  • Red licorice strips, hot lips, cinnamon hearts
  • Chocolate dipped pretzels
  • Decorative cookies (either store bought or home made).
  • Mini cupcakes (either store bought or home made)
  • Fresh fruit - chocolate dipped strawberries,  raspberries, pomegranate seeds

What a great way to spend a wonderful Valentine's day at home with your family. Whether you are planning a quiet night for two or a family celebration, this dessert board will have it all.

To start you can actually have your children help you plan what you want to include on your dessert board.

Remember that we eat with our eyes first, so the more visually appealing your board is with variety the more fun you will have enjoying it.

How to assemble a dessert board:

  • Choose your colour scheme for your board. For Valentine's day, the colours are usually red, pink and white and chocolate brown).
  • For your smaller candies, place in small bowls or ramekins around your board. If you have heart shaped bowls fit perfectly with the theme.
  • Arrange the candies in uniform patterns around the board. Place cookies, brownies and cupcakes around the smaller bowls.
  • Fill in any open spots with smaller loose candies.

Put this board on your table after dinner, before your movie night or Valentine's day activities and it is sure to be a family favourite.

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