Make your own Canada Day Popper!


  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Balloons
  • Tape of various sizes for securing the balloon and for decorating if you wish
  • Colored paper for decorating and/or confetti
  • Stickers {optional}
  • Markers {optional}


Make your own party popper to celebrate Canada Day! By using an empty toilet paper roll, some homemade confetti of your choice, tape and a balloon, you can create your own Canada Day celebration! For images of step by step instructions, see here:

The main supplies for confetti poppers are paper tubes from toilet paper, paper towels, wrapping paper, or canisters

STEP 1. First, you want to cut the top end off the balloon

Then you want to knot the other end (where you would blow up the balloon) of the balloon.

Take the opening where you have cut off the top of the balloon and place it around the toilet paper roll and secure well with tape.

STEP 2. You can decorate the outside of your confetti poppers with colored paper or scrap book paper. Even basic white computer paper will work. Small stickers and markers can also be used to decorate the party poppers.

STEP 3. Make confetti. This can be cut up different pieces of paper, hole punched paper or anything light and colorful you can think of!

Step 4: Fill your confetti poppers with a scoop or two of confetti. Pull down on the balloon end and let it pop!

Step 5: Have a broom or vacuum handy for after all the fun!

This activity is brought to you by Camp Northland, an overnight camp based in Haliburton, Ontario with a 100+ year tradition of creating memorable summer experiences for children and teenagers from Southern Ontario.

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